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Suao Naval Logistic & Support Command Commander, Colone Chen, Represent Northern Suao Jin-an Temple Awarding of scholarships and bursaries

Suao Naval Logistics & Support Command Commander, Colone Chen, represent Northern Suao Jin-an Temple awarding of scholarships and bursaries,a total of 12 students from four junior high schools and elementary schools in the Suao area have received awards.

Commander Chen said that we were based on the spirit of taking from society and using it for society. Northern Suao Jin-an Temple used sesame oil money to set up scholarships and bursaries for students from underprivileged backgrounds and give back to the hometown. We also encouraged students to work hard so that they could help others and give back to the society in the future and let love passed on. We also hope that this opportunity would allow students to learn more about the Navy, narrow the distance between the military and the civilians and shape the high-quality image of the national army.



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Update: 2022-05-19