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The Naval Keelung Logistics Support Command Held the Procurement Operation Lecture in the First Half of the Year 111

The Naval Keelung Logistics Support Command has recently invited lecturer Chen Zhao Jiong from the Ministry of National Defense and other 16 government agemcies procueement audit committee to explain various procurement laws and practical cases in order to enhance the professional knowledge of procurement and the concept of integrity and law-discipline among the colleagues in the unit.

In response to various government procurement laws, lecturer Chen gave a situational design and practical course based on common cases that have actually occurred. Through briefings and discussions, colleagues can take into account the rights of units and manufacturers when encountering similar cases in the future and handle them by law.

After the lecture, the commander said that the unit’s procurement colleagues are changing frequently, and it is not easy to pass on the experience. Due to the lecturer Chen’s professional ability, we believed that can improve our colleagues’ procurement professional and legal processing ability.



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Update: 2022-05-19