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[The History]

  1. Navy established “Naval Landing Fleet Headquarters (NLFHQ)” in response to mass workload of ship commissioning and repairs on 12/16/1948.
  2. In order to enhance maintenance/repair and commissioning  training for custody ships, strengthening fleet capability and fulfill mission requirements, NLFHQ was reorganized as “Naval Training Fleet Headquarters (NTFHQ)” on 10/1/1949.
  3. NTFHQ expanded as “Naval Ships Training Headquarters (NSTHQ)” on 8/1/1950, responsible for naval ships commissioning training, readiness training, mission training, and training demonstrations.
  4. In order to integrate the chain of command, MND established “Naval Fleet Command (NFC)”on 7/1/1953. NSTHQ was merged under the training division of NFC. In this period, NFC conducted both operational and training missions, i.e., NFC was responsible for ship trainings in peacetimes and combat command in wartimes.
  5. In order to fulfill the requirements of US-aid ship transfer missions and commissioning training, NSTHQ was restored on 4/10/1954, which was subordinate to NFC and responsible for ships commissioning training.
  6. NSTHQ was expanded as “Naval Fleet Training Headquarters (NFTHQ)” on 12/1/1955, responsible for ships commissioning training, refresher training, and fleet formation training, and still subordinate to NFC.
  7. NFTHQ was renamed as “Naval Fleet Training Command (NFTC)” and subordinate to Naval Fleet Headquarters on 9/1/1968.
  8. NFTC was expanded as “Naval Education, Training and Doctrine Development Headquarters (NETDDHQ)” on 1/1/1998,in accordance with ROC Armed Forces Jingshih Program.
  9. NETDDHQ was ordered to change title as “Naval Education, Training and Doctrine Development Command (NETDDC)” on 2/24/2006.

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