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Mission and Duty


    In charge of supervision & control of the subordinate elements, as well as to take training responsible for schools, vessels, forces and to develop, plan, supervise, control all the naval doctrines.

Responsibility :

  1. Control and supervise naval recruit training, NCO basic education, Officer(NCO)advanced education, Officer(NCO)professional & specialized training.
  2. Plane and control ships commission training, refresh training, focal training, professional training and  specialized training of newly force, as well as to support the Fleet & Marine base training.
  3. Plan, control, supervise and exam the ashore trainings of ships personnel.
  4. Umpire, plan, efficiency management of amphibious base training, gun fire support , Armed Force staffs  amphibious training and joint amphibious operation (Lien-hsin series)live exercises.
  5. Plan, perform the tactical training, exercise, experiment, live exercise war gaming’ umpire of the Navy, as well as conducing war game modeling development, application & database established.
  6. Direct, edit, experiment, correct of entirety navy doctrines and perform & control the works of tactics & combat techniques research.
  7. Plan, perform the operational E&T for newly weapon system, platform and troops training in base.
  8. Management affairs of entirety navy publications.
  9. Perform test and operational evaluation of Fleet & Marine subordinate.
  10. Shooting range management, target service support, target operation & maintenance of fleet shooting training.
  11. Reach the tactics, combat techniques and intelligence of supposed enemy.
  12. Test & Evaluate the 3D operational capability of each naval vessel.
  13. Research, develop, performing the tactics & combat techniques, protection ability of naval EW & IW.

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Update: 2020-02-27