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[The Emblem Introduce]

 The「NETDDC」emblem combines all the characteristics and logos of her subordinate elements.

  • Round rope represents the symbol of team work and continuation.
  • Pen represents the navy officers have the professional quality.
  • Missile represents the navy owns several types of advanced weapons.
  • Book represents the research & development of all naval doctrines, in order to be the tool textbook of each education, training in navy.
  • Anchor represents the naval tradition spirit and style of loyalty, righteousness.
  • Background blue represents the navy ambitions to control the blue water.
The "conveyance fleet" was revoked and reorganized to "naval debarkation fleet training command" on December 16, Year 37. On October 1st in Year 38, "naval debarkation fleet command" was revoked and reorganized to "naval fleet training command". July of Year 39, "debarkation fleet command" constituted to launch, settling in Tsoying, cooperating with the coastal defense fleet to makes the troops on land to call away, and helped guard of defending the cruise of stations; in the same year August, it was ordered to rename to "naval warship boat training command". Affairs related to military training, warship boat constitution practice, warship boat reorganization training, various short-term training and other demonstration educations were its responsibility. "Naval warship boat training command" was revoked in July Year 42 and reorganized to establish "naval fleet training command". However, due to the fact that fleet training command conducts tasks in wartime and take care of training in peacetime causes unsatisfactory training results, and the fact that fleet training affairs need to cooperate with reception of America-supported vessels and professional personnel training and accustom to updates of vessel equipments, there has been voice supporting the idea that reformation to the old one is necessary. Hence on March 1st Year 43, training division of "naval fleet training command" is abolished. On April tenth the constitution "naval warship boat training command" formally resumed. It was responsible for carrying out the warship boat to sail to the battle, the warship reception and fleet building. It became the independent training organization, belonging to "naval fleet command". "Naval warship boat training command" expands on December 1st in Year 44, changing name to "naval fleet training command". It became the training organization of navy's fleeting, responsible for fleet formation and organization and training review, and belong to "naval fleet command". And on April 1st Year 46, it is ordered to reorganize original fleet training class to shore training center. The navy carries out the education reformation on July 1st in Year 53 R.O.C, handing over the shore training business to take over by "navy training command". An establishment in September of Year 57 of the R.O.C adjustment, then connector shore training business. The number changes name to "naval fleet training command", belonging to "naval fleet command", this soldier training in April of Year 60 of the R.O.C changes the system. The organization type and business job description all has the graveness alteration. Original "naval sergeant's school" and "naval junior college" abolishes, establishing "voyage", "a machine", "weapon", "correspondence electronics"...etc. Four soldiers science school with "recruit training center", and the negative belongs to each school and the training, councilor of the recruit training center, the responsibility that investigate. The number still call "naval fleet training command", and main officer rank for lieutenant general, made this soldier the training becomes one system of the integrity. July 28th in Year 69 of the R.O.C, receiving the ream increased the weave of battle development the set and test judges the set, on October 1st Year 71 it establishes another "antisubmarine set" original "voyage set", a merger as "sail skill set". In Year 74, it is tested to judge the set to reorganize to belong to the fleet commander's headquarters on March 1st. In Year 80, it increased on July 1st weave the lord to account the room, and the reception weaved "amphibious training center". On January 1st in Year 87 of the R.O.C, it received the Ministry of National Defense (87) the 00001th order of au-fon saying that "aggressive establishment case of army" of concert should change the system for "naval education, training and doctrine development command", abolishing original "shore training set", "logistic training center", expanding to "synthesize", "standard development center". Original "precept set", "political warfare departme

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